Vital statistics
Title The Second Son
Gender Masculine Programming
Race Reploid
Faction Maverick Hunters
Status Active

Abel Cain (often just called Abel) is the second reploid prototype created by Dr. Cain. He was created after Cain determined the original reploid prototype, Jeremy, was deemed too unstable to be used for further reploid development and was placed in storage. After further study and research into the technology that Light used to create X, Cain developed Abel who became the standard frame for the reploid race.

History Edit

After deeming the original prototype reploid unstable, Dr. Cain sealed Jeremy away and began to work on second prototype after further studying the designs of X. After coming to a better understanding, he tried a second time, creating Abel. Abel was activated and seemed to be stable compared to his older brother.

However, after Sigma, Cain's ultimate creation at that point, went Maverick and declared war on humanity, Abel was shut down. Cain feared that Abel would go Maverick as well, and did not wish to see another event like Jeremy or Sigma happen. Even though Abel was shut down, Cain continued to work on him over the decades, trying to improve and refine his design to make it so he wouldn't end up like Sigma or Jeremy.

Reawakening Edit

Eventually Jeremy was reactivated and he declared war on the ideals of X and Cain. He revealed to X he knew of Abel, as Cain would reactivate him at times to work on him, trying to fix him. Cain would speak to him, hoping the conversations would help to change Jeremy's views to a more positive one. But eventually Cain passed away and was unable to do anything more with either of the brothers, this left Abel unsure of himself, and Jeremy raging against being left to collect dust.

After his battle with Jeremy, he went to the ruins of Abel city and discovered an old lab long since fell to ruin. A computer system had enough power to let X know Cain's final message before it turned off. X then found Abel's capsule. He took the capsule back to the Hunter base in Arcadia City.

After awakening, Abel had a profound sense of loss and a lack of direction. He was full of unanswered questions as to why Cain sealed him away, and what he had hoped for Abel to do with the future. X and his friends tried to cheer Abel up, inviting him on a tour of Arcadia City.