The following is a timeline of the events in the Maverickverse series. This is a work in progress.

Timeline Edit

  • 20XX - Classic Era
  • Countdown to Zero Hour occurs
    • Dr. Light dies.
    • Dr. Wily dies.
    • Zero is sealed away.
    • Mega Man finally deactivates along with the rest of Light's original robots.
    • Laws against the use of high capacity robots are pushed through as a result of Wily's attacks.
    • Robot use is limited to more basic models for the next several decades.
  • 21XX - X Era
    • The Maverick Wars begin.
  • 22XX - Later Years of the Maverick Wars.
  • 23XX - Zero Era
    • Zero dies.
    • X dies.
    • Omega dies.
  • 25XX - ZX Era
  • 26XX - Destiny Acsendant occurs.
  • 28XX - The Ultimate Showdown of Destiny occurs.
    • Zero is revived and his programming is merged with X's to create a perfect warrior.
    • Zero dies in battle with N.
    • The polar cap is melted which causes global flooding and tectonic shifts that wipe out the majority of life on the planet.
  • 29XX - A New Age begins.