Vital statistics
Title Green Biker Dude
Gender Masculine Programming
Race Reploid
Faction Maverick Hunters
Status Active

Verge , or the 'Green Biker Dude' is a Maverick Hunter assigned to the 17th Unit. He is the vehicle specialist and field soldier.


Early HistoryEdit

Verge was first activated and mobilized during the six months following Sigma's first rebellion. He was inexperienced and not yet accustomed to combat. His first major deployment ended in tragedy as he was shot down during a raid on a Maverick weapons factory.

Due to his damage, he was unable to aid X in the battle against the X-Hunters and was offline for a period of time before he was finally rebuilt and reactivated. His next major deployment was during the Nightmare Phenomenon, where he and a fellow hunter took some damage from a giant mechaniloid and was forced to return to base to let X continue on.

Recent HistoryEdit

Verge was dispatched to the North Pole with Zero to investigate a reported Maverick outbreak and meet up with X and Axl.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Weapon System: Rapid Fire Dual Busters - Unable to charge the busters, but is off set by a high rate of fire.

Special Equipment: Advanced Visor Aid - Allows for advanced imaging data and vehicle information readout.